Divorce investigations again, may lead to uncovering hidden assets, documenting the lifestyles of the other spouse, and documenting possible infidelity – by conducting surveillance and in-depth research/background investigations. Many Clients use our services for leverage.



Protecting your child’s welfare should be your number one goal in Child Custody cases. Whether one parent is negligent, an alcoholic, physically, mentally, or sexually abusive to the child, we help you by documenting late arrivals, departures on child custody exchanges.



Alimony cases typically involve our Client paying significant amount of alimony to their former spouse. That former spouse may be cohabitating, or living with a new individual and sharing household expenses. In a typical divorce, if a former spouse is cohabitating with a romantic partner, the alimony can be eliminated.



Dina Prezlocki, February 2021

This company was great to work with. They are so honest and upfront. I had no idea how helpful they would be when I hired them but I’m so glad they did. I would gladly recommend them to anyone. Not only are they highly professional but … Read more

Sherry Glancy, November 2020

The team at She Chases Cheaters are so professional. I was kept in the loop through every step of my case. My child’s father was evading child support and they were able to locate him. I was regularly updated and … Read more

Jerome D., June 2018

Let me tell if your looking for a private investigator then Barbara is your woman. I’ve used her on a number of impossible tasks and yet she comes thru and completes the job, most of the time on the first try. I promise you no matter the task Barbara … Read more

Michelle M, September 2018

I had someone threaten me after I responded to a post on next door. I received a letter that appeared to be from a lawyer threatening to sue me for slander. I never said anything untrue and thought it was weird. I called Barbara and she immediately … Read more